One of the most important ways to express ourselves is through our hairstyle. It is no secret that we are being judged in many ways; by the way we dress, how we do our make-up and of course our physical appearance. 

Fortunately we can do something about all the above ourselves with a little bit of imagination and effort, but doing your own hair is just something else. 

It is not just looking good for the moment, but rather a process of treating your hair correctly and with care all the way through, so that it will become your personal identity and calling card to the world.

Booking Glamorous Hair Marbella For Your Wedding

What do I have to do to book Maite?

Step 1

When & Where?

Whenever you have a date and location in mind let me know as quickly as possible, weddings get organised with plenty of time in advance and some dates get booked up very quickly. 

Contact me and we can have an informal chat of what you want, when, where and how many people, from bridesmaids, to flower girls, mums, etc.


Step 2

Plan your Trial

If you are happy with our meeting I can reserve a date and we set a time and place for a trial. 

On the day of the trial we will spend a few hours to make sure that you will get the perfect hairstyle you wish for on your wedding. 

This trial can be done at my studio or wherever you are staying at that moment.

Step 3

My Wedding Day

On your wedding day I will give instructions to all the people that need their hair styled and make a clear time table for everybody involved.

You, as the bride, just relax, enjoy the experience and together will make this an unforgettable day you will remember for a long time to come.


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